AI Predicts What Disney’s $60billion ‘Magic Kingdom’ Expansion Will Look Like

Avatar Thomas Wilby
May 1, 2024
Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney World have announced their $60billion expansion of Magic Kingdom and AI has predicted the new sections to be an incredible improvement.

The themed areas are yet to be announced, but here is what the park will look like with the new multi-billion dollar improvements, according to AI.


This is what a potential Frozen project could look like if it is indeed the new ‘Beyond Big Thunder’ expansion project on the cards at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Head of PR Liam Solomon said: “As you can see, it looks totally realistic, with Anna and Elsa’s Arendelle Castle the showpiece of the new theme. Just like in the Disney movie Frozen, the castle is surrounded by huge cliffs and mountains. At night, the castle comes alive.

“Although Arendelle Castle is the main attraction, you can see that there is a ride for visitors to travel through the magical Frozen land, going through the mountains, seeing Elsa and Anna as well as walking through Arendelle village, looking up at the castle itself.”

Toy Story

Another option for the new Magic Kingdom expansion is that of a Toy Story land. Using AI imagery, the above pictures are what Walt Disney World’s Toy Story land could look like with the Magic Kingdom’s expansion.

Solomon said: “Just like in the Toy Story 4 film, the theme park and carnival takes centre stage. It would include various rides for visitors, making it like a real life Toy Story theme park. This includes a roller coaster, different smaller rides and much more through the realistic Toy Story land at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

“With Toy Story 5 scheduled to be released in the summer of 2026, this could be a viable option for the ’Beyond Big Thunder’ expansion at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.”


Tangled could also be an option for Disney after being praised for its movie and TV shows over the last few years. 

Solomon said: “Given its success at the box office and popularity amongst Disney fans, a Tangled themed land at the Magic Kingdom is another option.

“As you can see in the above photographs, Corona Castle takes centre stage on the island, surrounded by water, just like in the movie. The AI images suggest there would be a zipline from the mountains to the castle, a bridge over a river and many other features, just like in the 2010 Disney Tangled movie.”


Disney’s popular 2016 movie Zootopia was a successful animated ‘buddy cop’ action comedy film that grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

Solomon said: “The imagery shows a roller coaster through the Zootopia land of the titular city where anthropomorphic mammals coexist. The rabbit police officer (Judy Hopps) and the red fox con artist (Nick Wilde) are the two main stars on Zootopia, with both featuring at the possible land at Magic Kingdom.

“The roller coaster as seen in the AI image takes visitors through the land of Zootopia and its different districts, just like in the movie.”

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