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Last updated on June 24, 2024 2:47 pm

Step into the enchanting world of “Beauty and the Beast,” a mesmerizing slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. Inspired by the classic fairy tale, this slot transports players into a realm of romance and magic. With its 5-reel, 20-payline layout, “Beauty and the Beast” offers an RTP of around 96.30% and medium volatility. The main attraction is its Golden Bet feature, allowing players to enhance their chances during Free Spins by choosing additional features.

The maximum payout reaches up to 100,000 coins, promising substantial rewards for lucky players. Developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, known for their innovative approach to game design and stunning visuals, “Beauty and the Beast” captivates with its intricate graphics and thematic symbols. The game’s soundtrack and animations further immerse players in its fairy tale ambiance, creating a magical experience that stands out in the world of online slots.

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Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil Slot Details

Minimum Bet: $0.20
Maximum Bet: $100
RTP: 96.30%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 20
Maximum Win: 100000 coins
Provider: Yggdrasil
Release Date:

Developed by Yggdrasil, known for its innovative designs and stunning graphics, the game promises visual charm and engaging gameplay. Players can aim for a maximum win of 100,000 coins through symbol combinations and enticing bonus features. Released by Yggdrasil, this slot blends classic fairy tale allure with modern gaming thrills for an immersive and rewarding experience.

Minimum Bet: Beauty and the Beast allows players to start their spins with a minimum bet of $0.20, making it accessible to a wide range of players with different budget preferences.

Paylines: The slot features 20 fixed paylines, which means all 20 paylines are active on every spin, offering consistent opportunities for winning combinations.

Maximum Bet: High rollers can enjoy Beauty and the Beast with a maximum bet of $100 per spin, providing the potential for larger payouts for those who prefer to bet more aggressively.

Maximum Win: Players have the opportunity to win up to 100,000 coins in Beauty and the Beast, achievable through combinations of symbols and bonus features during gameplay.

RTP: The Return to Player (RTP) of Beauty and the Beast is around 96.30%, indicating a competitive payout percentage that reflects the game’s fairness over the long term.

Provider: Beauty and the Beast is developed by Yggdrasil, a reputable provider known for its innovative approach to slot game development and high-quality graphics.

Volatility: With medium volatility, Beauty and the Beast offers a balanced gameplay experience, featuring a mix of smaller wins and occasional larger payouts, appealing to a broad spectrum of players.

Release Date: Beauty and the Beast was released by Yggdrasil, offering players an engaging fairy tale-themed gaming experience. The specific release date may vary depending on the region and platform.

Design and Theme of Beauty and the Beast by Yggdrasil

Beauty and the Beast by Yggdrasil is a visually enchanting slot game that transports players into a fairy tale world filled with magic and charm. The theme revolves around the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, capturing its essence through detailed graphics and immersive audio elements. Visually, the game boasts stunning artwork with rich colors and intricate details that bring the fairy tale setting to life. The reels are adorned with symbols depicting characters from the story, including Beauty, the Beast, roses, jewelry, and mystical objects.

Each symbol is beautifully rendered, contributing to the overall thematic immersion.The background features a magical castle scene, complete with shimmering lights and lush greenery, enhancing the fairy tale ambiance. Animations are smooth and engaging, particularly during winning spins and bonus features, adding excitement to gameplay moments. For example, when bonus rounds are triggered, the animations intensify, heightening the sense of anticipation and rewarding players with captivating visuals.

Complementing the visual appeal is an enchanting soundtrack that sets the mood perfectly. The music is orchestral and melodic, evoking a sense of wonder and adventure reminiscent of classic fairy tales. Sound effects like chimes and magical flourishes further enhance the thematic experience, making players feel immersed in the enchanting world of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil Mobile

Beauty and the Beast by Yggdrasil is expertly optimised for mobile play, ensuring that players can enjoy its captivating fairy tale adventure seamlessly on a wide range of devices. Whether you prefer to play on your smartphone or tablet, whether it runs on iOS or Android, Beauty and the Beast delivers a consistent and high-quality gaming experience. One of the key aspects of Beauty and the Beast’s mobile usability is its responsive design. The game interface is intuitively adapted for smaller screens, with all buttons and controls positioned for easy access via touch input.

Players can adjust their bets, spin the reels, and activate bonus features effortlessly with simple taps and swipes, maintaining a user-friendly experience across different devices.Graphically, Beauty and the Beast retains its stunning visual appeal on mobile devices. The intricate details of the fairy tale-themed symbols, the vibrant colors of the backdrop, and the smooth animations all translate seamlessly to varying screen sizes and resolutions. Whether you’re playing on the latest iPhone or an Android tablet, the game’s graphics remain crisp and immersive, preserving the magical atmosphere of the fairy tale setting.

Loading times are minimal, ensuring swift transitions between spins and quick access to bonus features, which is crucial for maintaining the flow of gameplay on mobile platforms. This responsiveness enhances the overall gaming experience, whether you’re enjoying a quick session on the go or settling in for longer play sessions from the comfort of home. Performance-wise, Beauty and the Beast is optimized to run efficiently on mobile devices, adapting to different processing capabilities to provide a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, the game adjusts seamlessly to your device’s screen orientation, offering flexibility in how you play.

Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil Bonus Features

Beauty and the Beast offers several compelling bonus features that elevate the excitement and winning potential of the game. These features are designed to integrate seamlessly with the fairy tale theme, providing both entertainment and lucrative opportunities for players.

Bonus Feature – Golden Bet

The Golden Bet feature in Beauty and the Beast allows players to enhance their gameplay by adding an extra feature bet.

The Golden Bet feature not only enriches the player experience but also aligns with Yggdrasil’s commitment to offering innovative gameplay mechanics that enhance engagement and excitement

Pros and Cons of Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil

Beauty and the Beast features stunning graphics and a captivating fairy tale theme that immerses players in a whimsical world.The optional Golden Bet enhances gameplay by offering additional features and increasing the potential for triggering bonus rounds, adding depth and excitement. Strikes a balance between frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts, appealing to a wide range of players. Fully optimized for mobile play on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring seamless gaming experiences across various devices.

The Golden Bet feature adds an extra layer of strategy and potential rewards, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


  • Engaging Visuals and Theme, immerses players in a whimsical world
  • Golden Bet Feature, increasing the potential for triggering bonus rounds
  • Medium Volatility, smaller wins and occasional larger payouts
  • Mobile Compatibility, Fully optimized for mobile play
  • Innovative Bonus Features, adds an extra layer of strategy and potential rewards


  • Dependency on Golden Bet
  • Complex Bonus Mechanics

While enhancing gameplay, the Golden Bet requires an additional wager, which may deter players looking for simpler, lower-cost gameplay options.Some players might find the optional Golden Bet feature and its associated mechanics complex or overwhelming, especially those new to slot games.

Our Final Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil

Beauty and the Beast by Yggdrasil merges the magic of fairy tales with modern slot gaming, offering a visually striking and immersive experience. With a betting range from $0.20 to $100 per spin, it caters to both cautious players and high rollers. The game’s medium volatility ensures a balanced gameplay with frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts, appealing to a wide audience.Noteworthy is the Golden Bet feature, adding complexity but enhancing gameplay with extra features and better bonus round triggers.

A solid RTP of 96.30% promises fairness and potential for rewarding sessions. Players can aim for a maximum payout of 100,000 coins through bonus features and high-paying symbol combinations, adding excitement and incentive. Despite the initial complexity of the Golden Bet, Beauty and the Beast impresses with its captivating visuals, robust mechanics, and potential for substantial rewards. Whether you’re enticed by its fairy tale theme, innovative features, or mobile compatibility, this slot promises an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience suitable for fantasy enthusiasts and strategic players alike.


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