How We Score the Best Payout Online Slots

Last updated on June 23, 2024 1:25 pm

At we review all relevant online slots and the casinos that offer the highest payout rates and feature the highest payout online slot machines.

Our team of reviewers go through an exhaustive process to review every aspect of slot games and casinos so you can have the best possible gaming experience.

The Key Aspects We Analyze for Online Slots

We review online slots thoroughly. We look at several key things that affect both the fun and payout of the games. Here’s a closer look at what we review and how we do it.

Return to Player (RTP) Percentage

The RTP percentage is a key metric that tells us what a player can expect to get back over a long period of time. To ensure accuracy we:

Online Slot Volatility – Variance

Volatility also known as variance is the risk level of a slot game. We assess volatility by:

Bonus Features

Bonus features add fun and bigger payouts. Our review process includes:

Graphics and Sound

The visual and audio elements of a slot game affect player engagement. Our review includes:

Mobile Compatibility

Many players play on mobile so mobile compatibility is key. Our mobile testing includes:

Gameplay Mechanics

The mechanics of a slot game are what makes it playable. We look at:

Jackpot Potential

Big wins are a big draw so jackpot potential is important. We review:

Online Slots Casinos We Analyse

As well as the slots themselves we review the online casinos that host these games. Our casino review process is just as thorough, we look at what affects player satisfaction and trust.

Licensing and Regulation

We only review fully licensed and regulated casinos. Our check includes:

Game Selection

A good game library is key to a great casino. We look at:

Payout Speed and Reliability

Fast and reliable payouts are key to player happiness. Our review includes:

Bonuses and Promotions

Big bonuses and promotions are a plus. We look at:

Security and Fairness

Player safety and game fairness are top priorities in our reviews. We check:

User Experience and Interface

A good interface is key to a great gaming experience. We look at:


Convenient and secure banking options are vital for smooth transactions. We look at:

Our Testing

Our testing process is thorough so we can give you accurate and reliable reviews of both slots and casinos. We test first hand so our reviews are a true reflection of the player experience.

Slot Game Testing

We start by play-testing each slot game. Our team members play the slots for hours to get to know the mechanics, features and payout potential. This first hand experience allows us to write detailed and accurate reviews based on real play.

Casino Play-Testing

Next we test the casinos that offer these slots. Our team deposits real money and plays different games to see how the casino works. We test the deposit and withdrawal process, the support team and the overall gaming environment. We want to make sure players have a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.


We know mobile gaming is key so we test first on mobile devices. We play-test both slots and casinos on smartphones and tablets to see if they work smoothly and are fun. Our mobile-first approach means our reviews are for the growing number of players who game on the go.

Multi-Criteria Approach to Rating and Testing Casinos and Slots

We use a multi-criteria approach to rate both slots and casinos. Each criterion has a percentage weight based on its importance to the player experience. This detailed approach means our ratings are balanced, fair and reflect the most important aspects of gaming.

For online slots we look at:

For casinos we look at:

By following this thorough process we can give you comprehensive, accurate and useful reviews of the best payout online slots and casinos. Our first hand testing and evaluation sets us apart so you can make informed gaming decisions.