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Explore the mythological world of Medusa with NextGen Gaming’s captivating slot game. Medusa, known for her iconic gaze turning people to stone, takes centre stage in this thrilling slot adventure. Featuring a 5-reel, 25-payline layout, Medusa offers players an RTP of approximately 95.42% and medium volatility. The game’s main attraction is its Free Games feature, triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols, offering up to 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier on wins.

Players can aim for a maximum payout of 5,000 coins, with the potential for significant rewards boosted by Medusa herself acting as a Wild symbol. Developed by NextGen Gaming, Medusa boasts detailed graphics depicting ancient Greek mythology, including symbols like snakes, warriors, and statues. With its engaging gameplay, rewarding bonus features, and thematic appeal, Medusa stands out as a popular choice among slot enthusiasts seeking both excitement and substantial winning opportunities.

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Medusa – NextGen Gaming Slot Details

Minimum Bet: $0.01
Maximum Bet: $50
RTP: 95.42%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 25
Maximum Win: Up to 5000
Provider: NextGen Gaming
Release Date:

Medusa by NextGen Gaming offers an enticing blend of mythological adventure and thrilling gameplay features. Here’s a detailed look at what this captivating slot has to offer:

Minimum Bet: Medusa allows players to start their spins with a minimum bet of $0.01, catering to both cautious players and those exploring the game for the first time.

Maximum Bet: High rollers can enjoy Medusa with a maximum bet of $50 per spin, offering the potential for larger payouts for those willing to take bigger risks.

RTP: The Return to Player (RTP) of Medusa is around 95.42%, indicating a competitive payout percentage that reflects the game’s fairness over the long term.

Volatility: With medium volatility, Medusa strikes a balance between frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts, appealing to players looking for varied gameplay experiences.

Paylines: This slot game features 25 adjustable paylines spread across its 5 reels, giving players flexibility in choosing their preferred number of active paylines for each spin.

Maximum Win: Players have the opportunity to win up to 5,000 coins in Medusa, achieved through combinations of symbols and bonus features during gameplay.

Provider: Medusa is developed by NextGen Gaming, a leading provider renowned for its innovative approach to slot game development and captivating themes.

Release Date: Medusa was originally released by NextGen Gaming, entering the market to delight players with its immersive mythology-themed gameplay experience.

Design and Theme of Medusa – NextGen Gaming

Medusa, crafted by NextGen Gaming, immerses players into the haunting realm of Greek mythology where the infamous Gorgon, Medusa, reigns. The design of this slot game is visually striking, featuring a backdrop of ancient ruins bathed in an eerie, mystical glow. The reels are adorned with symbols that resonate with the mythological theme, including Medusa herself with her snake hair, warriors in battle attire, stone statues, and intricate Grecian artefacts. Graphics in Medusa are crisp and detailed, showcasing NextGen Gaming’s expertise in creating visually appealing slot games.

The color palette is dominated by rich hues of gold, bronze, and deep greens, enhancing the atmospheric feel of ancient Greece. Each symbol is intricately designed to evoke the mythological narrative, with animations that bring the game to life during winning spins and bonus features.The soundtrack of Medusa complements the theme perfectly, featuring an orchestral score that builds suspense and drama. The music intensifies during key moments such as triggering bonus rounds or landing big wins, adding to the immersive experience.

Sound effects like the slithering of snakes or the clash of swords further enhance the thematic immersion, making players feel like they are part of Medusa’s mythic world.Animations in Medusa are smooth and engaging, especially during the Free Games feature where Medusa herself can turn symbols to stone with her gaze, revealing cash prizes or multipliers. These animations not only entertain but also contribute to the excitement and anticipation of potential rewards.

Medusa – NextGen Gaming Mobile

Medusa by NextGen Gaming translates seamlessly to mobile devices, ensuring that players can enjoy its captivating gameplay and stunning visuals on the go. The slot is optimized for mobile play, compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, and supports a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet, Medusa maintains its high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay without compromising on performance.One of the key aspects of Medusa’s mobile usability is its responsive design.

The interface is intuitively adapted for smaller screens, with buttons and controls positioned for easy access and navigation via touch input. Players can adjust their bets, spin the reels, and activate bonus features effortlessly with simple taps and swipes, ensuring a user-friendly experience.Graphically, Medusa retains its detailed symbols and vibrant color palette on mobile devices. The visuals are optimized to display crisply on varying screen sizes and resolutions, maintaining the game’s immersive atmosphere.

Animations, such as Medusa’s gaze turning symbols to stone during bonus rounds, are fluid and engaging, enhancing the excitement of gameplay.Loading times are minimal, ensuring that players experience smooth transitions between spins and swift access to bonus features. This responsiveness is crucial for maintaining the flow of gameplay, whether players are enjoying a quick session during a commute or a longer session from the comfort of home.In terms of performance, Medusa is designed to run efficiently on mobile platforms, adapting to different processing capabilities to provide a consistent and enjoyable gaming experience.

Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, the game adjusts seamlessly to your device’s screen orientation, offering flexibility in how you play.

Medusa – NextGen Gaming  Bonus Features

In Medusa by NextGen Gaming, players can anticipate a variety of exciting bonus features that enhance gameplay and offer the potential for significant rewards. Below, we delve into each key bonus feature of the slot game, explaining their mechanics, triggers, and potential benefits.

Bonus Feature – Turn to Stone Re-spins

The “Turn to Stone Re-spins” feature in Medusa is triggered when Medusa herself appears on reel 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously. Here’s how this feature works:

This feature not only adds excitement to the gameplay but also increases the chances of landing big wins, making it a standout aspect of Medusa.

Bonus Feature – Once Bitten Bonus

Medusa also includes the “Once Bitten Bonus,” which is triggered by landing 3 or more Medusa Logo scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Here’s how this bonus feature unfolds:

This feature combines free spins with multipliers, offering players the chance to rack up impressive winnings while enjoying the thematic elements of Medusa.

Bonus Feature – Pegasus Bonus

In Medusa, the “Pegasus Bonus” adds another layer of excitement and potential rewards. Here’s how this feature works:

This bonus feature enhances the game’s interactivity and offers players additional chances to win outside of regular spins.

Pros and Cons of Medusa – NextGen Gaming

Medusa offers multiple exciting bonus features such as Turn to Stone Re-spins and Once Bitten Bonus, enhancing gameplay with interactive elements and substantial win potential. The game’s theme based on Greek mythology, particularly the story of Medusa, is well-executed through its graphics, symbols, and bonus features, appealing to fans of mythological narratives.The bonus features, especially those with multipliers like Once Bitten Bonus, provide ample opportunities for players to achieve significant payouts, adding to the thrill of gameplay. Medusa includes a diverse range of bonuses, catering to different player preferences and ensuring there’s always something new to experience during gameplay.T

the slot is optimized for mobile play, ensuring that players can enjoy its features seamlessly across various devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience.


  • Engaging Bonus Features, enhancing gameplay with interactive elements
  • Thematic Immersion, based on Greek mythology
  • High Win Potential, opportunities for players to achieve significant payouts
  • Variety of Features, something new to experience during gameplay
  • Mobile Compatibility, players can enjoy its features


  • High Volatility, experience longer dry spells
  • Complexity in Bonus Mechanics, complex for newer players

Medusa is a high-volatility slot, meaning that while it offers the potential for large payouts, players may experience longer dry spells between wins, which could be discouraging for some.Some bonus features, particularly the Once Bitten Bonus with its Super Spins and multiplier mechanics, may be complex for newer players to fully understand initially, requiring time to grasp fully.

Our Final Thoughts on Medusa – NextGen Gaming

Medusa by NextGen Gaming transports players into the intriguing realm of Greek mythology with its captivating theme centered around the infamous Medusa. This slot features a 5-reel, 3-row layout with 25 adjustable paylines, offering an RTP (Return to Player) of approximately 95.42%. The game’s standout feature is its array of engaging bonus rounds, including Turn to Stone Re-spins and Once Bitten Bonus, which enhance gameplay with interactive elements and the potential for substantial payouts.One of the most appealing aspects of Medusa is its maximum payout potential, reaching up to 5,000 times your bet, promising exciting winning opportunities for players.

Medusa’s visuals are striking, capturing the essence of Greek mythology with detailed symbols and thematic design. Medusa offers substantial payout potential that can appeal to jackpot seekers. Players can enjoy Medusa seamlessly on mobile devices, maintaining the same quality and gameplay experience as on desktop.The bonus features add layers of excitement and strategy, keeping players engaged and entertained throughout.

The game’s volatility may lead to periods of few wins, requiring patience and a strategic approach from players.Some bonus features, particularly the Once Bitten Bonus, may initially confuse newer players with their mechanics and multiple stages.In conclusion, Medusa by NextGen Gaming is a recommended slot for both mythology enthusiasts and players looking for a thrilling and potentially lucrative gaming experience. Its rich theme, engaging bonus features, high payout potential, and seamless mobile compatibility make it a standout choice in the world of online slots.

Despite its high volatility and complex bonuses, Medusa offers enough rewards and entertainment value to justify its place among top-tier slot offerings. Players seeking excitement, immersive storytelling, and the chance for substantial payouts should certainly give Medusa a spin.


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