SoCal Val: ‘Incredible’ Will Ospreay Tipped To Be Wrestling Great

Avatar Owen Fulda
July 4, 2024
SoCal Val

In an exclusive interview with, former WWE and TNA talent SoCal Val believes that British wrestler Will Ospreay can go to the very top of the industry ahead of AEW’s return to Wembley. 

  • Will Ospreay can go to very top in pro wrestling
  • John Cena will blow up Hollywood acting scene
  • Logan Paul has built his entire brand from the ground up

“Incredible” Will Ospreay Tipped To Go To Very Top

British wrestler Will Ospreay is one of the hottest prospects in the ring right now, and SoCal Val is tipping him to go very far in the industry; 

SoCal Val:I don’t think he even has an idea of where the ceiling is. And if you’ve ever met Will Ospreay, you’ll know he’s so determined and so well respected in wrestling. He really knows himself very, very well. He knows how to wow a crowd, but he also is very true to himself, which I think it’s great. He hasn’t really changed much since I first started watching him at Independence to now, and that’s a good thing, not to say he can’t evolve, but he has his own brand that is Will Ospreay and no one can touch him in the ring. He’s Incredible” 

John Cena To Be Next Big Hollywood Star From WWE

Many WWE stars head into Hollywood either during or after their wrestling career, with stars such as Batista and The Rock both featuring in popular movies. SoCal Val believes John Cena can follow in their footsteps; 

SoCal Val: I interviewed John Cena once and I said, whose career do you think it’s kind of taking off more? Batista or the Rock? And he was kind of like they’re both doing great and let’s just all support them. I totally agree with him. Cena is amazing and I just saw him in Ricky Stanicki and he’s hysterical. His comedy timing is top notch. He’s a really really great actor and I think that the best wrestlers are always the ones that have the best acting skills. They’re there to make you believe I’ve seen him many many times in person. He’s incredible. The Rock is the same, Triple H too. They’re just so good. They’re so emotive. But I think Cena is the next one that’s going to blow up.” 

Charismatic Logan Paul Praised For Role In WWE 

Crossover star Logan Paul has held the United States title in the WWE since November last year, and SoCal Val has plenty of praise for the talented champ; 

SoCal Val: “I’m a big fan of his. He is an incredible wrestler. I’ve seen him at more than one ‘Mania now. And I mean, you talk about somebody that’s not from the wrestling world. Maybe they didn’t, as you said, have a relative involved. Maybe they weren’t starting on little indies at flea markets like I was. He has so much charisma that he pretty much built his entire brand from the ground up and he decided I’m going to be a wrestler. And damn it, if he’s not amazing. That’s kind of annoying, actually.”

Author Owen Fulda