Damian Priest and Logan Paul Expected to Swap Brands in WWE Draft Shake-Up

Avatar Thomas Wilby
April 25, 2024
WWE Draft Odds

World Heavyweight champion Damian Priest and American title holder Logan Paul are thought to be the likeliest movers in the 2024 WWE Draft.

Across the two-night event beginning April 26th, at least three champions are odds-on to be drafted away from their current division, with Best Payout Online Slots traders providing the inside track below.

  • Heavyweight champion Damian Priest expected to be drafted to SmackDown
  • United States champ Logan Paul as short as 8/15 to join RAW
  • Reigning Women’s champion Bayley is also expected to be traded to RAW

2024 WWE Draft Odds

  • Cody Rhodes (Universal Champion):

Retained by Raw 4/9

Drafted by Smackdown 7/4

  • Damian Priest (Heavyweight Champion):

Retained by Raw 2/1

Drafted to Smackdown 2/5

  • Logan Paul (United States Champion): 

Drafted by Raw 8/15

Retained by Smackdown 6/4

  • Bayley (Women’s Champion)

Drafted by Raw 1/2

Retained by Smackdown 13/8

  • Rhea Ripley

Retained by Raw 2/1

Drafted by Smackdown 2/5

  • Becky Lynch

Retained by Raw 10/11

Drafted by Smackdown 10/11

  • Bloodline (led by Roman Reigns):

Drafted by Raw 10/11

Retained by Smackdown 10/11

  • Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Champion):

Retained by Raw 6/5

Drafted by Smackdown 4/6


WWE Draft Odds

Implied Probability

Cody Rhodes RAW 4/9 | SmackDown 7/4 RAW 69.2% | SmackDown 36.4%
Damian Priest RAW 2/1 | SmackDown 2/5 RAW 33.3% | SmackDown 71.4%
Logan Paul RAW 8/15 | SmackDown 6/4 RAW 65.2% | SmackDown 40%
Bayley RAW 1/2 | SmackDown 13/8 RAW 66.7% | SmackDown 38.1%
Rhea Ripley RAW 2/1 | SmackDown 2/5 RAW 33.3% | SmackDown 71.4%
Becky Lynch RAW 10/11 | SmackDown 10/11 RAW 52.4% | SmackDown 52.4%
Bloodline RAW 10/11 | SmackDown 10/11 RAW 52.4% | SmackDown 52.4%
Sami Zayne RAW 6/5 | SmackDown 4/6 RAW 45.5% | SmackDown 60%

NXT Call Ups to Main Brands

  • Ilja Dragunov:

Picked up by Raw 1/2

Picked up by Smackdown 13/8

  • Carmelo Hayes:

Picked up by Raw 13/8

Picked up by Smackdown 1/2

NXT Wrestler

WWE Draft Odds

Implied Probability

Ilja Dragunov RAW 1/2 | SmackDown 13/8 RAW 66.7% | SmackDown 38.1%
Carmelo Hayes RAW 13/8 | SmackDown 1/2 RAW 38.1% | SmackDown 66.7%

Everything Points Towards Damian Priest Being Drafted to SmackDown

Newly-crowned World Heavyweight champion Damian Priest cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Drew McIntrye, meaning RAW now has two world titles in its roster.

That likely means either Priest or Universal champion Cody Rhodes will be heading to SmackDown

At the time of writing, Rhodes is the face of WWE and with his current brand RAW heading to Netflix in January 2025, SmackDown needs a fresh poster boy as they return to USA Network from FOX..

So as not to be cast out by the historically bigger division and ensure SmackDown’s longevity, Priest is the likeliest out of the two to be drafted away at 2/5.

Logan Paul’s Next WWE Appearance Suggests He is Off to RAW 

United States champion Logan Paul is already confirmed to be making an appearance on April 29th, which is the next instalment of Monday Night RAW.

He has not been listed on the first night of the WWE Draft – which features his current brand SmackDown – suggesting he is primed for a defection to RAW.

Paul has already expressed his desire to wrestle on Monday nights since the announcement of RAW and Netflix’s partnership. 

With everything pointing towards a move to RAW, it also all but confirms Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn will head to SmackDown.

WWE has never had two reigning secondary champions in the same show.

Women’s Champion Bayley to Complete a Groundbreaking Draft For RAW

Another major coup for WWE’s flagship show is likely to be women’s champion Bayley. 

The Neverending Feud with Bianca Blair has likely had its day, and fans have called for a shake-up of the divisions.

Separating her from former Damage CTRL members means Bayley can establish new storylines on RAW, and it means the show will have the Women’s Champion and Women’s Championship holders under one roof.

A smart move considering their imminent move to Netflix.

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